The Graduate student dormitory application for the Fall semester 2021

Dear students, information regarding the Fall 2021semester graduate dormitory application is as below:

I. Applicant eligibility: Non-dorm resident graduate students with household registered outside of Taipei City and New Taipei City for at least two years (including both parents), and excluding on-the-job students.

II. Application Date: 9:00 AM on July 15th (Thu.) 2021 to 5:00 PM on July 26th (Mon.), late applications will not be accepted.

III. Application Method: All applications are online at Please log in with your student ID and national ID or residence permit number (new students please use the ID provided on your enrollment letter). Applicants may apply for both BOT and on-campus dorms, however should they draw both they may only choose one to live in. Those who wish to apply for BOT dorms, please apply at starting 9:00 AM on July 15th (Thu.) and ending 5:00 PM on July 25th (Sun.).


IV. Application Results: 2:00 PM July 29th (Thu.). The results will be announced on the application website.

The priorities for dorm allocation is as follows:

    Students with disabilities (disabilities should be verified)

    Students with low or low-middle income households (requires verification)

    Outlying island students or aboriginal students (household registry should be verified, student and both parents should have their household registered on outlying island)

    Foreign students and overseas Chinese students in their first semester of study

    Students who until the deadline of the application have had their household registry registered outside of Taipei City, New Taipei City, Keelung City, and Taoyuan City for more than 2 years. (Including the registry of the parents).

    Students who until the deadline of the application have had their household registry registered in Taoyuan City or remote districts of New Taipei City (Sanzhi, Shimen, Jinshan, Wanli, Ruifang, Gongliao, Shuangxi, Pingxi, Pinglin, and Wulai) for more than 2 years (Including the registry of the parents).


Students with special needs should fill out a student special needs report form and along with related documents of proof, apply to the Student Housing Service Division.

Students who fulfill the above requirements, please check the corresponding checkboxes when applying online, and upload the required documents before the deadline. Should your documents be insufficient or you are ineligible, we cannot provide accommodation.


V. Check-In Time: Tentative starting September 15th 2021, students may check in at each dorm director’s office. It will be adjusted because of the epidemic.

VI. Check-In Information: Applicants who have successfully drawn a dorm, please bring your household transcript (includes applicant, both parents and relocation history), student ID or enrollment letter, and payment receipt. If discovered the student is not eligible for accommodation, then their residence will be revoked immediately. After successfully drawing a dorm and checking in, the student may reside until the normal year of graduation designated by their respective department, without having to apply again.

VII. Dorms available for application are all graduate dorms, when applying you will be asked to fill a list of preferences between main campus and downtown campus.

VIII. Applicants who do not draw a dorm will be put on a waiting list and given a number, when new beds are available the people at the top of the waiting list will be accommodated. Such students will receive an email notification and can check the waiting list progress at In previous years, the waiting list can accommodate 200 males and 100 females, but due to each year being different, we recommend you only refer to this number and keep expectations low.

IX. The waiting list will progress until December 31th 2021, after that date it will be deleted.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Lin who is in charge of graduate dormitories. Tel: 02-3366-2266,

Best Regards,

Student Housing Service Division
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